Welcome to my Photographic World

I hope you enjoy the experience, I am a self taught Photographer, starting off in the days of Black & White 135 film then 35mm just before one of life’s twists and Photography became a victim, however the passion remained until 5 years ago when it was rekindled.

The flame was light in the Digital World wow what a learning curve from August until just recently I specialized in action photography having works published in local, regional, and the specialized sports nationals.

This time round I have not specialized I photograph what draws me, in the main we have coastal views maybe that is because I live on the East Coast of Yorkshire, the photographic challenge will always be of interest.

I use two Cameras Nikon’s D90 and the D300s with Nikor100m f2.8 Macro Lens, 50mmf1.8 Prime, Sigma 70-200m f2.8 with 2xCoverter, plus Tokina AT-X Pro f2.8 16-50mm